Stuck in Nec Camp. part 4

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Stuck in Nec Camp. part 4

Postby Zetner » Jan 3 2008, 18:24

Cyrus has fleed through the teleporter, Markal is in pursuit with (very large) undead army, including the 20 bone dragons. But the teleporter dont work for him.

After haveing read what I could find about it on the site here, I tried some things

Moved the dragons around, into town and back, onto other hero and back, each time the new objective and objective met triggered
Loaded a save and tried with 20 bone (not spectral) dragons
Moved all artefacts to Markal
Restarted the map a couple of times
Fought the 3 garrisons with Markal, previously used Isabel so she could get some levels
Patched the game to 1.6
Restarted from haven campaign and played all the way up to this spot again

And Markal can not follow Cyrus into that portal

In one of the Games he had Silent Stalker, wich gave him +12 scouting range, and I could see Cyrus standing just next to the portal exit, this led me to belive that if Cyrus is standing to close to the exit, then its not possible for a hero to enter, maybee the problem is that Cyrus is blocking the portal.

So now I am stuck 2.5 way through the campaigns, wich is frustrating, maybee one of the other patch versions will let me get through, does anyone know ?

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