HOMM Complete Edition (heads up for norwegians escpecially)

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HOMM Complete Edition (heads up for norwegians escpecially)

Postby Orfinn » Dec 30 2007, 1:45

I finally found something worth investing in right now, and ordered it right away. One of the rare cases I can order such a beauty through post order, never dared to use my credit card you see. Call me paranoid :devious: I think the extra cash put in are worth it.

Finally in a few days I'll get my hands on this, HOMM 2 were the main reason...since I just cant find the single game version of it and nr 2 is the only one I miss out..and TOE :D

Lots of other goodies in there too though :)

Like triple CD
Booklet about the monsters of the series
You name it...

http://absoluttspill.no/component/page, ... /Itemid,1/

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