Necromancy and Avenger in TotE: how good they are ?

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Necromancy and Avenger in TotE: how good they are ?

Postby sezerp » Oct 18 2007, 9:10

With all the alternative upgrades it is quite clear to me, that those 2 skills are going to be affected, and I'd really love to hear what the impact really is. (and I will no be able to find out myself until polish release of ToE somewhere in November :( )

What I guess is:

- Avenger skill becomes harder to use, as there are many more creatures to choose from. Plus, it is harder to forsee what types of creatures another players use. What I expect is that one has to alter his 'favourite enemy' selection more often. (and that, unless Nival improved the GUI, clicking through the list of creatures is much more of pain in the ass now :devil: )

- Necro skill: it will happen more often that creaters you can raise do not match line-up of your current army. Which perhaps is not that big deal, as most of the time there is more than enough opprtunities to completely deplet your DE pool.

So, theses are my expectation, what are the facts ?

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Postby Jolly Joker » Oct 18 2007, 9:20

Facts are, that if you kill the mandatory "2 populations" of a creature, all THREE versions of that creature (basic plus 2 upgrades) are eligible and- as far as I know - are counted as favored enemy as soon as you pick it.
For Necromancy, if you are eligible to raise an upgrade, for example after killing Rakshasas you are offered a choice between the 2 upgrades, in this case between Wraith and Banshee.

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