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Re: A new bug or game corrupt

Postby Mirez » Sep 4 2011, 10:51

jeffh wrote:Both the game itself and the AoH manual say that immunities remain in place.

both are wrong
bkknight2602 wrote:I have a slightly different problem playing with Necros. Note normally I don't play them but in re-doing the campaigns ran into this problem, namely Necros skills DO NOT have Raise Archers as a choice of skills. Eternal Servatude, Banshee Howl and Howl of Terror are ALL availble, just not Raise Archers. Has anyone had this problem?
Currently using Heroes TOE with patch 3.1.
Any help would be appreciated, as a last resort I may delete and re-install.

EDIT1: Howl of Terror hasn't been a choice, BUT Mark Of Necromancer is one of the specialization/racial skills, but this is a feat not a perk.
EDIT2:Using the console I have entered the following @GiveHeroSkill("name", PERK_RAISE_ARCHERS or NECROMANCER_FEAT_ABSOLUTE_FEAR), but neither is there an error in the console or does either skill displayed in the racial listing of the hero. IF I enter add_skill 61 or add_skill 111 and both skills appear in the racial listing.
EDIT3: I tried this on a different pc and had the same behavior. I purchased Heroes V EPIC Collection, and that may be the problem.

raise archers does no longer exist because necromancy has been changed, you can now raise any necro unit depending on what unit you killed
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Postby ShadowLiberal » Sep 15 2011, 22:03

I don't see this mentioned anywhere.

In the final Haven mission in the original Heroes 5, it's possible for Agrael to attack your hero with legions of troops if you get in his way at the end of the level when he's heading towards Nicolai.

This happened to me the very first time I played through the mission. I had Isabel sitting just outside of the gate next to the demon town with legions of troops, then Agrael came out of no where and killed me.

At first I thought that Agrael had grabbed the legions of troops from the gate, but it turns out he just started with them.

Edit: If you exclude some of your creates from combat in tactic's mode, and then win the battle with only living creatures you resurrected with Raise Dead then your hero disappears, as if they were defeated. The game thinks you no longer have an army, and even says that you won the battle but have no army left, despite the presence of your men you excluded from that battle.

I discovered this bug when playing the Markal campaign. I got 2 shadow dragons (who showed up in a weekly event) to join my army. Then I excluded all of my undead from a battle against some archers, to avoid losing any undead. I had to use raise dead multiple times on my 2 shadow dragons after 1 was killed, but I won the battle with 1 shadow dragon left, only to lose the campaign because the game thought Markal had no army.

I know creatures excluded from combat disappearing is listed as a confirmed bug here, but I haven't had any trouble with disappearing creatures I excluded from battle until now.

Edit #2: Just finished the necromancer campaign, and I did not see the video where Nicolai gets resurrected. All I saw was Markal, Isabel, and Godric talking after Godric lost. I recall reading others say that they haven't seen the video either when winning the undead campaign. I know that there's a video because I beat this campaign a couple of years ago and saw it.

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Postby Bonzer » Jun 26 2013, 17:29

jeffh wrote:Black Dragons aren't immune to magic! I had a whack of enemies, with no friendly units other than my blackies anywhere near them, and set off Chain Lightning expecting it to ignore the dragons as it would have in HoMM3, but it zapped them just fine. Killed a couple, too 8| .

This took place in 1.6, in a non-campaign map.

Though this has been answered already, I know that Black Dragons can be hit by the 1st lvl destructive "fist" spell. This is classed as physical damage so it works. In the same way that it might miss a ghost due to incorporealness, incorporabiltity, incorporabilitiness, oh sod, being see through. :ill:

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