what is the best skill to choose for kujin

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what is the best skill to choose for kujin

Postby asgerw » Feb 8 2020, 12:08

hello i need help i can not figure out on wich skills to choose for kujin what skills do i need for her before the last fight in the flamboyant exit mission do i need war machines or Luck or do i need defense or shatter dark or shatter summoning or shatter destructive and do i need to keep the enlightenment skill

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Re: what is the best skill to choose for kujin

Postby Pol » Feb 9 2020, 10:00

Please check our Walkthrough. Or ask below.
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Re: what is the best skill to choose for kujin

Postby cjleeagain » Sep 21 2020, 19:12

Hi, I know this is coming very late after you first posted, but I fully endorse Maltz's walkthrough advice.

Shatter Dark is a huge MUST for Kujin's battle. Maltz's observation is right - did these jokers who made the game even play the game?

War Machines is definitely useless for this battle. Regardless of difficulty setting, there is no ballista. And since you have cyclopses, you can smash your way in fine. In fact, you don't even need to smash your way in; it's better that you do not!

If you look at this link, it suggests the best set of skills for Kujin. Yes, Detain Dark and Magic Resistance are vital for that final battle due to the insanely strong Dark Magic that you will face.

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