Heroes 6 - Haven facton-battles won and lost

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Heroes 6 - Haven facton-battles won and lost

Postby saugeen123 » Sep 24 2017, 13:49

It has been some time since I have played heroes 6. But some changes have been made to this mission because when I just getting to build my Army. Because I am getting attacked by Al much stronger than me. Too strong this early in the mission.
I have played Heroes 6 some time ago and I decided to play it again

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Re: Heroes 6 - Haven facton-battles won and lost

Postby Pol » Sep 24 2017, 17:46

Hmm, there were many patches - so that could be. Never feel need to replay it after initial launch - and at that moment there I didn't encounter any problems.

Practically, either reload the save game or use some cheat trainer, this one might work.

It also could be that you accidentally pulled some trigger, like passing over point or accumulating resources/creatures. However it can be moot trying to find it, certainly without cheater you have no chance.
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Re: Heroes 6 - Haven facton-battles won and lost

Postby cjlee » Sep 26 2017, 5:11

I'm amazed that there is even one person in the world who is still playing Heroes 6.

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