HoMM V - Aliance map

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HoMM V - Aliance map

Postby Arkantos25 » Mar 22 2016, 10:39

I have a problem with map IV - Aliance in Academy campaign. I defeated all players except Isabelle. I know that after meetineg with Raelag and Shadya, I supposed to get control over them. That is not happenning. I tried to defeat Isabelle but her army is ridiculous strong (900 paladins and 80 Archangels,900 crosbows). No matter to that I finally win, but the game end as failure since I don't have complete meeting with raelag task. Is there any way to fix it? I really have no desire to go this mission again. I need some way to fix it: cheat, edit, or something else.

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Re: HoMM V - Aliance map

Postby parcaleste » Mar 23 2016, 9:07

Cheat codes, dude. :)

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