HOMM5 Can't save profile

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HOMM5 Can't save profile

Postby VirgilVerne » Oct 11 2015, 0:49

So I've recently purchased the original HOMM5 through steam with patch 1.6 automatically installed, however apparently I can't save any of my profiles. Each time I enter the game it would tell me to create a new profile 'player'. After which I enter 'single player', there would be nothing to choose from except 'User Campaign'. I try to change the profile, there would be nothing to choose from, so I create another profile on that screen and enter the campaign, if I try to save there it'll result in nothing. And each time I quit to desktop and return to the game it'll be the same thing all over again.

Apparently the game isn't creating new profiles in the My games folder in 'Documents', anyone know how to fix this? I've already tried reinstalling and such usual measures.

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Re: HOMM5 Can't save profile

Postby Pol » Oct 11 2015, 7:09

What operation system do you have? If anything newer you may perhaps try to install the game again out of "Program Files" folder. At all this sounds like that the game doesn't have rights to save the profile - in other words UAC issue.
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