Something has changed my creature stats

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Ed Robinson
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Something has changed my creature stats

Postby Ed Robinson » Jul 19 2015, 0:38

Suddenly I have Shadow Dragons with 3000 hp and my Archmages no longer have fireball, they now have lightening. There are quite a few other changes and I have never seen this before. It is carrying across maps.

First noticed playing Shadow Dreams but had played that map before and never ran into this.

Anyone know how to get the old creature stats back???

Thanks, Ed

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Postby Bonzer » Jul 19 2015, 19:37

Hi Ed,

The most likely reason is that you have downloaded a modded map into your "maps" folder which has these (and maybe other) mods in it.

Sometimes mods in fan made maps "cross over" into maps that weren't designed for them.

I solve this by creating a new folder in the same tree as "maps", call it "Temp Maps" or "Custom Maps" etc. Keep all downloaded maps here, and just open it and drag maps across to your maps folder when you want to play them.

As long as modded maps aren't in your original "maps" folder, which is where Heroes finds them, then the mods in them won't affect any others you play.

Hope this helps.
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