[HELP] H5/HoF Campaigns for ToE

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[HELP] H5/HoF Campaigns for ToE

Postby Cyromancer » Jul 13 2015, 19:57

The mod that allows you to play the original campaigns in ToTE;

http://www.heroes-fr.com/pages_en/origi ... paigns.php

I've followed all the steps and put the files in the UserMODs folder, but when I click on the game to play, it wont start. No error message or anything, it simply doesn't want to start. If I remove the files from the mods folder it works again just fine, but when they're in the folder the game wont start up. Anyone else had this problem/ is there a fix?

I have Tribes of the East on Steam, patch 3.1, if that makes a difference.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: [HELP] H5/HoF Campaigns for ToE

Postby cjlee » Oct 5 2015, 15:37

I had a similar problem and simply gave it up. I didn't have Quantomas installed; standard 3.1 patch, English language.

Now that H7 is a confirmed failure I'm looking to make my earlier version Heroes better/ get some nice mods too!

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