MM Duel of Champions? Any love here for it?

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MM Duel of Champions? Any love here for it?

Postby BMJedi » Jun 25 2015, 1:28

Hey, I was looking for info on story lore about Masfar, "Father of Titans" from MMDoC, and I can't find any.

Usually, I can find any answer imaginable about the MM universe from the experts here.

However, I wonder, can anybody tell me whether there's a reference to Masfar in Homm 5, 6, or 7?

Does the Homm and MM community in general reject everything about the card game as having anything to do with the franchcise, and thus, ignore it completely?

Am I the only MM fan here who also loves the card game?

If not, could we have some kind of discussion about the lore behind the cards? Did they just make up the big hero names like "Masfar, Morgan, Cassandra, Ariana, Seria, etc., etc." from thin air? Or do any of the names and cards we see in the TCG have referents in the known world of Homm 5-7?

Thanks. :)

BTW - I kind of wonder if Arcomage might have played into the recent popularity of TCG's like MMDoC, Hearthstone, or Summoners' Legion?

I guess MTG was the grandaddy of them all, which likely inspired Arcomage, but with Arcomage, you got in-game currency wealth building rewards - which in turn, could have inspired the entire ftp CTG model that started with - actually, which one did start the whole trend? Was it MMDoC? I know that came before Hearthstone.

MTG was of course the forerunner of all fantasy card playing and collecting, but, afik, it never had an ftp in-game currency reward before MMDoC, and in fact, now MTG is about to release an ftp online version in July of this year. (2015), which, I think is clearly a response to the success of Hearthstone.

However, didn't Arcomage predate every CTG except MTG?

What do you guys think? Now that I've gotten into the card games, the whole history and culture of CTG's, and their tie-in with the MM franchise, is fascinating me.

And, again, who the heck are the heroes on the hero cards?
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