Agrael's Decision can't summon ship

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Agrael's Decision can't summon ship

Postby Alexyn » Mar 7 2015, 4:15


I'm in the middle of Agrael's Decision and I'm trying to summon the boat which is just a bit in front of me. I'm standing on the edge of the shore, slightly in the water, but when I open my spellbook, none of the spells are "in color" and although I just obtained the Spell of Shalasaa, I cannot cast it. Can anyone advise me on what I might need to do? Thank you.

Current state,
Level 25 Demon Lord
Spellpower at level 6
Mana is at 290

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Postby Kalah » Mar 8 2015, 22:48

Moved to Heroes V-VI forum.
Agrael's Decision is in Heroes V, you can have a look at our walkthroughstoo, that might help you.
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