Which campaigns of Heroes 6 are the best?

The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Which campaigns of Heroes 6 are the best?

Postby Konfuzius » Aug 10 2014, 17:29

I bought SoD a while ago but didn't have much time to play it until now and have to admit that I really enjoyed the Dungeon campaign (too sad it is only 4 levels big, Blood Magic ftw).
Next I'm starting with the SoD necro campaign but I am also interested with the DLC campaigns and the original H6 campaign.

It would be great if those who have played the other campaigns could share their opinion about them and if they are really worth getting.
I've heard that the Dungeon campaign is the best of all, which makes me a bit reluctant to buy the others.

Thanks in advance :)

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Postby Avonu » Aug 11 2014, 18:46

Both DLCs campaigns are good, much better then in vanillia game, but also short (only 2 maps per campaign). If you liked 50 Shades of Purple :P campaigns, then DLCs' ones should be for you too.

As for original/vanillia game campaigns they are... not so good. You have 2 prologue maps, 5 main campaigns (4 maps each) and 2 epilogues maps (blood or tears ending).
As far as I know each of main campaigns vere written by different author and have different style. I personally liked Necropoils campaign. Inferno campaign was not so bad, but generally it was butchered - IIRC from some reason much of story was cut-off from game and Inferno storyline seems to be half-finished.
I didn't like Stronghold campaign (bad wasn't bad, maybe medicore at best) and Sanctuary (below medicore) and the worst for me was Haven one (idiot hero is never a good choice for leading character).

Overall DLCs and XP campaigns >> H5 original campaigns.Also map desing in add-ons are much better then in vanillia game (huge, empty maps with attack-enemy-go-back-defend-your-towns-repeat-every-week and simply boring).

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