Heroes 5: Necromancer campaign-reinstalled

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Heroes 5: Necromancer campaign-reinstalled

Postby saugeen123 » Jul 7 2014, 13:43

I have recently reinstalled Heroe 5. I am near the end of 3rd mission where I have to recruit bone dragons.But I can't build the dragon building in any of the towns that I have cursed. I can't recruit bone dragons so I can't complete the campaign. Any suggestions or thoughts on the matter? I installed all the patches.

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Postby vil2 » Jul 15 2014, 11:32

If you are playing Markal, then you should be able to recruit every stack of undead troops on the map. Try to find some Dragons stacks on the islands, they will join you.

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Postby ShadowLiberal » Jul 19 2014, 0:46

You don't lack resources do you?

If all else fails, there's always using cheats if you're stuck and the game seems to be bugged.

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