Need help desperatly (mods, map generators)

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Need help desperatly (mods, map generators)

Postby vajura » Feb 24 2014, 20:49

I think the best way to explain what i want is to describe how i came to the point where i am.
Wanted to play some homm5 with some friends, 4 people.
We set up tunngle and everything.
None of the premade maps where good we wanted a map where each of us starts at a his own area with boarders guarded by super powerful armys so that we dont meet for like 10 months.
I searched for such a map everywhere and after we tried out some maps which we later found out where not what we wanted i found the next best one called the Sea of Dreams, i change it a bit so that each of us can choose his starting castle.
So we start playing on and off and its OK.

After i while i wanted to play some solo maps against the AI again where me and the AI dont meet for a long long time. But thats immposible because the AI cheats horribly and always meet in the first month already no matter what.

So then i went to search for a more maps that maybe there is one that could fit my criteria(dont meet for a very long long time, can choose castles, a lot of artifacts etc).
And then i found out about mods that can change the AI and graphics overhoul mods and other stuff and also map generator mods.

Now if someone here could really really really help me out get this stuff all together or point me in a direction where the best mods for AI and map generators are that would be great until now i got this. ... 3-1-Forums
AI mod, it says it doesnt work with MP so if i have it installed but i dont use AI in MP only real players will the game still not work?
Map generator, i cant figure out how to use this. Does it even work for the map i want to make? Or does someone know a map that fits my criteria?
One of the graphics mods? Is there a "best" one? Can i play MP while having it installed if other people have it too?

I found a mod that changes the avaliable heroes which probably also wont work with MP i guess?

As you can see i dont know where to start.

If nothing at all could someone just give me a map that fits my specifications while playing vs the AI?

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Re: Need help desperatly (mods, map generators)

Postby markkur » Feb 24 2014, 23:24

vajura wrote: ... 3-1-Forums
AI mod, it says it doesnt work with MP so if i have it installed but i dont use AI in MP only real players will the game still not work?

Well, I don't play MP on-line. only SP and HotSeat but since Q's A.I. mod is just a matter of dropping folders I would create a folder to store the three needed files {2 In Bin folder and the other in Data folder plus the correct Desktop Icon} and then use the original icon (or make another)to launch the original game for MP. that links to the original exe in the games Bin folder.
Very easy and very fast.

About the unlock all Heroes Mod...I presume? If all have the Mod installed it should work. Btw, Whatever map you play must allow the Heroes or they will not show.

As far as maps, I think I gave a link here in H5 maps thread for my own listing to try; there are all kinds.

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