Playing HOMM6 for 3 days - some observations

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Playing HOMM6 for 3 days - some observations

Postby morgasshk » Aug 6 2013, 7:11

1. What can I build, when can I build it? Where is my tree? What are my pre-requisites

2. Same music track as HOMM5 - no complaints, just strange to be the same

3. Movement much the same - easy to get used to

4. NO ROTATE?!?! Wtf! One of the best things about HOMM5 - can't see those resources behind the bush? No problem! Can't see a type of monster behind a mountain? No problem - and don't get me started on navigating the subterranean levels! Playing on a 52" screen on high res, this would be great to have back :S

5. Castle bar - some may have liked it some may not. I was a fan :S Clicking through easily, ticks for those you have built in, Red house if you can't afford to build anything and yellow house if all builds are finished. Pretty simple, but no. Scrapped.

6. So many tips and tricks - good thing, and can turn off which is good. But my god, (and yes, this may just be me being a noob) nothing at all told me I had pages and pages and categories of where to allocate points! Lol, spent 6 on warcries before I realised I COULD have damage spells. I like the variety, but seems maybe 50% too much. Was a fan of the HOMM5 spell system. This is getting a bit Diablo in its "tree" variety

7. Start up animation started only half screen - bottom half played flawlessly, top half was blank. Had me worried, but once the game came up it was all good.

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11. Usual complaint about Uplay and ubisoft

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Postby Sir_Toejam » Aug 28 2013, 11:35

you can rotate the screen, actually. delete and pagedown work, and home and end reset those respectively during combat.

they reset automatically on the overland map. zoom in using your mouse wheel.

the half-screen animation is not the games fault, it was a bug in a patch from microsoft that came out in july. you need to update windows again, and the fix patch should apply itself. ... 904-222636

fully agree that the implementation of Uplay is perhaps the worst thing to ever happen to computer gaming, ever, and that the only game publisher worse than Ubi is EA.

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