Feel Unimaginably Sad: Heroes VI versus Starcraft 2

The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby Sir Alock » Jun 25 2014, 14:23

Guys: Why not buy Age of Wonders 3? It's really pretty damn good & Triumph Studios gives a damn about their product! I loved all AOW games & I think AOW3 is the best of all of them IMHO.

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Postby Kewt » Jul 7 2014, 13:07

For heroes 6, graphics, hero characters, unit designs looks good at
first. After 40 hours of game play, I feel that if Vampires fought
with their teeth or hands instead of a sword, i would be more
motivated to play further...

For heroes 7, would it be good if we can gather like minded players
and ask developers to design very old school vampires, dragons etc
instead of cartoon-ish types?

I feel like that games released from 2012 onwards, game characters
and units are getting very fantasy designs instead of very serious
designs. I have not seen a game with serious designs. I mean just
google for Lich, vampire, pictures...

Diablo 3 is very Disney like and I cant believe I spend SGD$79 for
that ****. If Heroes 7 goes serious, differentiate itself from the
cartoon-ish gang then maybe sales can hit all time high.

And yeah, I think we need a drastically improved story line. The story line is too SHI&%^%^%. We need a world class story line writer for heroes 7!

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Postby hellegennes » Jul 7 2014, 22:12

I fail to see how anyone can compare two games of different genres, with one of them being a hugely anticipated game with a vast fanbase of potential buyers and 7 years of development on its back. Ubisoft rushed H6; sure. But they could never match Starcraft's audience and hence spent more than half a decade in developing the game. Nor could they ever match Blizzard's resources.

Even then, one can clearly see that the difference in quality is not that big. Diablo 3, for example, which spent a decade in production, is good; but not excellent. With that amount a money and time they could have made a masterpiece. However, it sold exceptionally well. Why? Marketing. Blizzard has a tremendously better marketing department than that of most software houses.

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Postby magritte2 » Jul 15 2014, 20:57

It may not be reasonable to compare games from different genres. However, I just picked up King's Bounty - The Legend, which is a close relative to the Heroes series. Heroes 6 just isn't much fun by comparison.

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