Skills and Magic, or just numbers?

The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby TheMeInTeam » Oct 25 2013, 20:32

Playing through the campaigns, it's surprising how many maps can be won with "numbers", even on heroic and even ones traditionally considered very difficult, if you attack quickly and/or outmaneuver the opponent. There are some exceptions of course, but in a majority of cases you can just run around taking towns + buying units, constantly evading a big AI stack + summoning creatures until you have a bigger stack.

Exceptions I can think of off hand in vanilla campaigns:

Inferno 1,2, 3 and 5
Necro 2, 5
Dungeon 5
Sylvan 4
Academy 2, 5, maybe 3 if Godric sucks.

Skills and magic matter more when playing other people!

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give some concrete examples and let's try to work things out

Postby cjlee » Nov 14 2013, 15:41


You are clearly a noob. I’m not saying this in a derogatory fashion (We all have to learn), but there’s really a lot of reading you can do on this website to improve your understanding of the game.

Numbers make a difference only when you and your opponent are equally skilled players controlling equally well-built heroes. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter. You can be outnumbered 2:1, 10:1, 100:1 and still win in many cases.

I would say that in Heroes V, APPLICATION OF FORCE in the right way is very important due to the initiative system. A hero should do all he can to speed up his forces and have them keep hitting the enemy, while using everything he can to slow down the enemy or turn away their forces or use terrain or summoned obstacles to keep the enemy from hitting his forces.

Using a hero’s abilities and his race’s abilities to the max is very important.

EG Barbarian using war cries and whipping up his troops to make them faster, using high morale and chieftains and shaman haste to keep the turns coming faster and faster.

EG wizard using summoning magic to protect his ranged attackers or distract the enemy while firing away.

If you want good advice, you should offer specific scenarios and see what everybody here says. There are many good players (far better than me) on this site who would be only too happy to guide you, providing you give them specific scenarios that they can provide guidance on!

Oh, for those who think they can beat Gen Kendal with magic – I remember that he wielded the orb of negation or whatever that negated all magic!

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Postby Angelspit » Nov 14 2013, 18:39

You mean the Orb of Inhibition, noob?

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Postby cjlee » Nov 14 2013, 19:32

And you, my dear non-noob, how did you beat General Kendal?

I remember I lured him out first time playing, but it wasn't due to my ability. It was because I had one movement point left after passing the gate so he came out to fight me.

Second time playing, I didn't managed to lure him out, so it was a numbers game. I don't know how I won. I think I lost and spent the next month gathering troops.

BUt when it comes to H3, I think if someone has the Orb, it largely becomes a Numbers and Stats/ Abilities game. The outcome of the battle is largely predictable.

H5 still offers some opportunities, especialy because the initiative bar is randomized at the start and many things have probabilities attached.

Angelspit wrote:You mean the Orb of Inhibition, noob?


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Postby mr.hackcrag » Dec 13 2013, 1:51

I've always wondered why offense increases damage by 15% and defense decreases damage by 30%?

I've also wondered why the luck and morale bonuses trigger significantly more frequently than the probabilities would suggest? There are battles I've seen where 100% of attacks were lucky. For real? 8| I wish there was some way to tone this part of the game down.

I also feel like I choose the same secondary skills every time. It would be nice to have skill rebalancing patch or something...

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