State of balance in 1.8

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State of balance in 1.8

Unread postby Ferros » 26 Oct 2012, 01:21

Hey guys - Long time lurker and had a question.

For the longest time, I've been reading that the balance was essentially:

Magic > Might.

Necro >> Haven/Stronghold >> Sanctuary > Inferno

How have these changed in recent patches? Did BlackHole/Ubi manage to successfully get everything on parity?

I began a game with Inferno recently and while my dogs still seem priority number one, sadly, the strength of their units seems much better, though much of the tier two leaves something to be desired due to the abundance of larger units and lack of defensive stats. [Even when using a might Hero, I notice the stacks have difficulty maintaining strength.]

All in all a pleasant change, but wondering the community's thoughts.

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Unread postby Pyroxene » 01 Nov 2012, 03:10

I'd be more interested in Limbic and Ubisoft focusing their efforts to fix the bugs still inherent in the game, before we talk about balancing it.

Stuff like Seraphs and Celestials having their resurrection abilities swapped and not fixed despite the introduction of the last patch is especially glaring.

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Re: State of balance in 1.8

Unread postby Elvin » 01 Nov 2012, 12:58

Dispite a few remaining issues, I'd say that the balance is pretty good. Problem is not so much the balance of factions but rather how might can compare against a turtling magic hero and necro is infamous for being a turtler :) Magic has many tools to deal with closed formations but might has to break through so the first couple of turns are especially important for the outcome of the game. Might versus might or magic versus magic seems pretty ok regardless of faction, same for blood might vs blood magic - if the armies are not small. Destructive at lvl 2 reputation can be incredibly strong :)

I find inferno is pretty good, they even had to downgrade the luck stats of its elite units because it proved too much in the previous patch. Thankfully counterstrike III has been rebalanced so that only the first retaliation is a first strike and aside from a few underpowered abilities the skills/spells work fine. Remaining issues:

Mass agony is a tad too strong.
I do not believe that the spider form of the weavers needs a full range.
Fireball should probably revert to 3x3, it deals a LOT of dmg.
Angels need to swap resurrection abilities.
Activated abilities do not trigger other abilities like yuki onna's ice patch or their own buffs such as pressed attack.
Some ultimates need to be rebalanced.
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