Tale of Two Guardians Scenario

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Tale of Two Guardians Scenario

Postby nerbu » Oct 16 2012, 12:20

Hi all...

How do I finish it? I can't seem to open the gate to attack Sheltem...wiped the map clean...alll secondary quests done, but I don't see where the dark dragon is ...

This is the best map of the game, IMO.


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Postby vernonboy » Oct 20 2012, 21:51

Does anyone know where Shangri-La is? I assume it should be on the Clouds of Xeen side, as it is in the original games, but I can't find it. I haven't gone through the Darkside yet.

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Postby Ell1e » Oct 21 2012, 8:00

Shangri-La's on the lower right corner of the Lightside, you have to pass through the Darkside to get there.

I had the same problem where Sheltem just stays behind his gate and it never opens. The patch notes for 1.8 said something about a quest being fixed for this map, so I guess it might work now? Haven't really tried it, the map was kind of boring. Only one enemy at a time on a map this huge makes for poor gameplay.

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Re: Tale of Two Guardians Scenario

Postby Simira » Jan 17 2020, 15:34

And 6 years later I still struggle to solve this... any hints? Overground cleared, but can't get to the middle.

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