The GOOD of H6

The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby lotusreaver » Apr 27 2012, 8:58

I liked the H6 hero portraits. I know some have criticized the art style as being rather cookie-cutter (i.e. they are all at a 3/4ths angle with similar expressions). But I thought the portraits were pleasant to look at.

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Postby Banedon » Apr 27 2012, 16:40

One more thing I like is that there's less micro. No more running around carefully putting together transport chains to get units to the frontline. Sure it lessens strategy in the game, but it makes campaigns a lot less tedious and I don't know anyone who's going to play this game for the strategy anyway (LOL). Mildly annoying though that you can't hire upgraded units from a town that doesn't have the upgraded structure.

About the story, I'm finding it awfully difficult to follow thus far. The characters talk in crytpic language worthy of a poem, and never say what they mean to say. What's more, while the language is witty, it barely seems to have content. Halfway through the campaign I've already lost track of many of the characters as well as what's going on. Ugh, to think I only start up this game when I don't feel like concentrating.

Heroes 4 had the best storyline.

Other likes: nice menu theme music.
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