Another Dynasty Weapon Bug?

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Another Dynasty Weapon Bug?

Postby aaelgr » Nov 25 2011, 14:28

During the 2nd Orc mission I equipped Sandor with 3 different Dynasty weapons (Wolf, Whistlebone, Cleaver) and yet when I went from one to the other the abilities of the old ones would still be there. Having now gone on to the third mission my units are still immune to mind spells (Wolf) and I can still boost Sandor's attacks to do some extra Air splash damage (Whistlebone).
Does anyone else have this sort of thing occuring?
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Postby Avonu » Nov 25 2011, 15:37

Yes, weapons buffs stay on even if you unequipt weapon.
IIRC only thing to remove that bug, is not giving weapon to your hero in Dynasty menu, so they start new map without main hand artifact.

But this not work in campaign.

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Postby maltz » Nov 25 2011, 16:45

Yes this is a well known bug. If you keep switching between weapons (repeat: save game - load game - switch weapon), you could get lots and lots of free attributes. The worst part is people might be enjoying this bug without even knowing it. :D

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