Campaign missions' scripted army

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Campaign missions' scripted army

Unread postby maltz » 19 Nov 2011, 04:42

If you -

(a) frequently find the campaign missions too hard because you run into a huge army even if you have maintained a sick streak of (almost) perfect victories, or

(b) hate the AI heroes who keep coming after your towns;

this might help. just read this off some other forum... combined with personal experience:

- Heroes 6 adds a new concept of a "scripted army" (served as bosses of the mission). Their army strength has a certain min-max, and will grow at a fixed rate, which is usually not very much. However, their initial size could be very large.

- AI's mobile heroes have basically UNLIMITED army. As soon as you beat them (flee or defeat), they immediately gets re-hired and a basically free army (which also follows a script) is added to their command. So you can bet that they will come back very soon. The only way to put an end on their come backs is to conquer their home town.

Now we know how the missions work, so we can develop some good approaches to any campaign mission.

(1) The general plan is to conquer the next mini-boss/town as soon as we can achieve a (nearly) perfect victory.

(2) Always work on the smallest resistance. Not all mini-bosses starts equal. Some are too tough for you, but some may be just right. This is partly experience and partly loading that save you made at the branch point.

(3) Do not take on a scripted army before we are ready. Their army grows slowly. You grow very fast. The next week of new creatures could boost your army by 40% early on.

(4) If you see AI invasions, go after their home town as soon as possible. If you beat this guy down, he/she will simply re-spawn and come again with basically the same army (if not slightly larger).

(5) Don't expand "too fast". Sometimes a scripted army may actively come after you. From experience and loading you will identify the trigger of that script - so you can delay it until you are ready.

Another common problem for I guess newer players is that they tend to wait WAY TOO LONG. They will eventually reach the point of no return where the AI's weekly growth surpass human's growth. I have not finished all H6 campaign yet, but I think most missions can be finished in the first 3-4 months, if not sooner. If you ever see Month 5, you have waited too long.

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Unread postby qiox » 20 Nov 2011, 04:20

It's not unlimited. For example, on day 1 with some maps the AI is given 440,000 gold and 1,400 of each unit to buy. From there, they have normal income and unit growth.

So theoretically, you could eventual starve them out of that starting boost by killing their main hero several times.

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Unread postby Avonu » 20 Nov 2011, 09:13

qiox wrote:So theoretically, you could eventual starve them out of that starting boost by killing their main hero several times.
It's possible - I have done that several times (AI always split units between two heroes) and at the end enemy heroes were without any unit. :D

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