Please help! Stronghold Campaign 3

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Please help! Stronghold Campaign 3

Postby hopeless » Nov 17 2011, 16:02

I've restarted this joker 3 times and still don't know how to finish it. I've completed all quests except the main one (defend Kunyak's Hill). The Naga armies just keep coming and eventually my army gets beaten down enough to where it can't withstand another Naga army.

How do I finish this thing?

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Postby parcaleste » Nov 17 2011, 16:29

Wait till this Naga guy comes to attack your town. Not sure which month is this.

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Postby Elvin » Nov 17 2011, 17:22

I'm surprised you had losses. I used to have those guys for breakfast, all it took was reinforcements on the panthers and an all-round slash. Rest were easy pickings with archery/counterstrike III and I also used vampirism to minimize losses.
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