difference between factions' heroes?

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difference between factions' heroes?

Postby chunter6 » Nov 12 2011, 18:01

Unless I haven't been upgrading my heroes wisely, it doesnt seem the different factions have any different skills. The only skills that differ are the factions ability, but the actual tree is the same for each faction. Is this correct? or do I have to level up the correct skills like in V in order to get faction specific abilities?

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Postby Metathron » Nov 12 2011, 20:33

Nope they're basically all the same. The only difference I've observed is that not all magic schools are available to all factions, e.g. inferno doesn't have access to light magic, stronghold to prime, etc.
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Postby Naki » Nov 12 2011, 22:04

Also, might heroes can't get some high level magic skills, and magic heroes can't get some high level might skills...
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Postby Elvin » Nov 12 2011, 23:45

I miss the faction specific skills of H5 and hope that the future H6 skill paths will be less uniform than they currently are. We have been pushing in this direction for a while.

For now the only consolation is that not all skills/spells have the same usefulness for each faction and of course the fact that not all races have access to all schools of magic. 5/7 schools per faction was a very good decision as far as I am concerned, allows for a class differentiation without limiting you to just a handful of schools. I'd missed the H3 times where I could freely mix spells from different schools.
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Postby RollingWave » Nov 14 2011, 2:52

Might heroes can't get the lvl 15 spells, like Summon Elementals, time statis, retribution 3 etc...

Like wise, Magic hero can't get lvl 15 might skills like counterstrike 3.

As for different faction's it depends on the heroes, some of their specials are passive, some are active, though ony a few of the active onces really stand out, here's some.

Tide Master (Sanctuary Tear Magic hero) = Serenity which is basically an additional disable spell (Can't take action for 3-4 turns unless damaged) and her ultimate is tsunami which stuns all small units for 2 turns, very powerful there.

Paladin (Haven tear might): Paladin 's first level ability is martyr, which means he'll automatically cast a spell every turn to the stack that's been most damaged which will give it some additonal defense / HP. his ultimate is divine justice which hits a stack for 33% of all the damage it's dealt so far, which can obviously be a ton in big fights.
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