A goodbye to HOMM! Heroes VI has ended my love for this game

The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Heroes VI is a disappointment

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Postby Artas1984 » Aug 29 2012, 21:45

ywhtptgtfo wrote:
Errrr... what? In my humble opinion, H2 was a far better game than H3. In fact, I think H3 was the worst heroes games after HV. H3 is just a revised edition of H2, by addition of things in the mixture (more races, more artifacts, more this, more that). But overall, it had the suckier music, after the incredibly intelligent and delightful experience the H2 soundtrack was, it was much less balanced, was much more tedious in terms of graphics, had a far less interesting story with much more generic objectives, after the fantastic variety of H2 strategic options and it was generally a more polished version of a diamond, to the point it had its edges smoothed over (eg making all units have upgrades).
That was your opinion, and these are FACTS:

The fact that Heroes 3 adds more races, artifacts, more this and more that already makes it better, becasue it does not loose anything good too, only reshapes it.

Music is a thing of custom taste, you dislike Heroes 3 music, i hate Heroes 5 - not an argument.

Heroes 3 graphics are considerably better than in Heroes 2 - not only technically, but realistically too. After Heroes 3, the graphics only improved in technical aspects, not in picture reality.

Heroes 3 is more balanced than Heroes 2 - it is a fact, which you incredibly are denying out of our stupidity. It does not take a genius to compare just several of Heroes 2 teams and notice how drastically different they are powered in terms of unit strength.

Story is not an argument, i like that, you that.

So basically what you said was your own BS opinion. And to say that i did not play Heroes 2? Well it was one of my first PC games back in 1998, i even made a board game out of it 14 years ago:


So ye, i think i have proven my point and vanquished yours.
Heroes franchise was not about the free actions of Heroes or monsters, it was not about 3D of shiny graphics either, it was about diversity and balance, simplicity of gameplay and realistic picture, strategy in it's purest form. That's why Heroes 3 will be the greatest game of all, because only Heroes 3 has all those qualities together, no matter which one you personally like more. This statement is unquestionable, uncriticized and undeniable .

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Postby MattII » Aug 30 2012, 8:51

As for saying H3 added nothing, what about spell schools and the 'paper doll'? Also the grail building although this is a mixed blessing, some people prefer the grail, some liked the old ultimate artifacts.

Also, on that basis, isn't H2 just a slightly updated version of the original (the only really new thing was secondary skills)

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