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Postby Darkström » Feb 9 2011, 13:22

ecsunotos wrote:I like the idea of Cyclops being a dumb/stupid creature in champion tiers. It gives 'fresh' atmosphere to the champion tiers that traditionally was the most charismatic creature among the lines up.
But I'm still confused for cyclops as a catapult. Either :
- In non town siege battle : cyclops used as a troops but in town siege battle cyclops used as a catapult and no cyclops arround as a troops, or
- Catapult Cyclops is a standard battle property for Stronghold : so, even stronghold doesn't have any cyclops dwelling they can still have a cyclops as catapult. Then when they can recruit cyclops from dwelling, they have stacks of Cyclops as troops and a Cyclop as a catapult. :|

Which one do you think will be applied to the game ? ;|

The latter.

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Postby Qurqirish Dragon » Feb 9 2011, 17:11

Neidhaart wrote:
vicheron wrote:They were able to throw their rocks at castle walls in Heroes 3.

It was a long time since i played H3, but could you also have a catapult?

Yes, you had a normal catapult in H3. The cyclops unit could either attack creatures OR bombard the walls. The cyclops had basic ballistics, and the Cyclops Kings had advanced ballistics (so they threw TWO shots at the walls) A few cyclops kings (multiple stacks x1 cyclops) mixed with your forces could obliterate a castle in 1 round :-)
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