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The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby Banedon » Sep 13 2009, 14:59

Yes the army sizes necessitate different tactics - in some of my games with my brothers one of us have gone for War Machines, find it barely scratched the opponent and gave up the whole idea.

I can't imagine Sylvan never going for Destructive Magic. Generally speaking they have only two options: Destructive, or Light. Light Magic works, but so does Destructive. Maybe the stack sizes are big, but then hundreds of points of damage dealt en masse with Rain of Arrows is still massive, and you got huge spell power with High Druids.

I don't know about Duel since I haven't played it yet bar that abortive game with you, so can't comment about it.
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