Finally getting serious with Heroes V

The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby Mirez » Aug 10 2009, 15:48

fortress is definitely the strongest town allright

on a side note necro >>>> inferno by a lot
treants are dendrosexual 0_o

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Postby Banedon » Aug 12 2009, 11:42

@EvilNed - regarding Necro, suffering no losses is one thing, but winning a fight is another ... you need something to deal damage with, and the Necro creatures simply cannot fulfill that. They have no strong damage dealer. To be effective you need a LOT of creatures. Dark Magic is great, but then lots of races can wield Dark Magic too, and the other school in the Necro tree (Summoning) isn't that attractive.

As for Fortress, it's been covered before in this thread. I think right now Fortress early-game is fairly stable if they get Rune of Charge, especially if they also get Soldier's Luck, but otherwise they aren't too hot.

@wimfrits - The Random Tactical Arena does limit your resources. I don't remember exactly how much, but I think it's something like 10 of each resource. For a week 5 battle that feels about right.

I really don't get why my experience with Fortress is so different from the mainstream when everything else is similar, but I guess finding out isn't enough of a priority now, especially since my computer broke and I can't just copy / paste H5 from one computer to another (have to hunt down the disks :mad:).
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Postby Derek » Aug 18 2009, 18:20

Maybe this goes without saying, but the Necropolis in its current form is the the most map dependent faction. Your dark energy only permits the transformation of certain creatures and which ones are near your starting town influence--and decide--the whole of the game.

For instance, the last map I played had two stacks of "Lots of Grim Raiders" near my town. Day 1 of week 2, I killed one of the stacks and had 28 vampires. This is nothing to sneeze at and makes for a very effective creeping army. Week 3, I had over 60 vampires(now princes) and that is a massize army on its own.

Now, granted, other factions have their own crazy tactics(of which I shall not go into), but somehow this does seem a potentially better situation than, say, the Inferno(the worst town by far--it doesn't even "work" until you succubi).

I suppose there isn't much of a point in posting this, as this game has been discussed heavily, but creep unti decisions randomly generated by the map decide your outcome as the necro. This is unsettling, really, and does make it a difficult, arguably impossible, town to play too effectively. Warlocks will benefit from eldritch wells, and Sylvan can do some BS strategies if avenger's guild works well, but the Necro is the random creeps; it's hard to place too much stock in randomness.
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