Heroes of Might & Magic III: Horn of the Abyss

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Re: Heroes of Might & Magic III: Horn of the Abyss

Postby Pol » Jan 3 2021, 18:01

There's no Factory yet, that's the main problem. We need to wait for updated schedule, hopefully someone will take the lead after Doc Picolan.
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Re: Heroes of Might & Magic III: Horn of the Abyss

Postby cjleeagain » Jan 7 2021, 14:44

cjleeagain wrote:
Pol wrote:Now THIS, I'm very interested in. But it seems kinda odd to have an armadillo from the Factory faction. Just because it has hard skin, doesn't mean it is a factory-made unit!

Just to continue, I've visited the Factory wiki, and it says that https://heroes.thelazy.net/index.php/Factory

tier 7 units will be Coatls and Juggernauts both of which could be purchased at the same time instead of being alternatives to each other.

I hope that the Heroes III Factory team does not make this mistake.

I very much enjoyed playing H3 Conflux as a single player. As a single player, the fact that you can hire 4 Phoenixes per week for each castle doesn't upset the game balance. After all, Phoenixes are fragile, so if you were to take a Phoenix-Armageddon strategy, you would need more tier 7s than a warlock taking a Black Dragon-Armageddon strategy.

But the ability to hire 4 Phoenixes per week totally messed up the balance in multiplayer. Halving that to 2 Phoenixes like in some mods weakened Conflux too much.

It would not be good if you have a Factory faction where you could hire 2 Coatls and 2 Juggernauts every week.

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