Spell modding in MM6

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Spell modding in MM6

Postby ^Dagon^ » Jan 4 2019, 14:36


I just delved into MM6 modding and quickly grasped a great deal of it (I am an experienced modder).

I would like to save some time so I ask if someone knows where the spell parameters are located. I have already found out that they are not inside some table like the ones used for creatures, items, etc. I already pinpointed some parameters inside the .exe (for example, spell mana cost) but it seems that not all of them are located near the same offset.

Does anyone know where they are?

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Re: Spell modding in MM6

Postby LibertusRex » Jan 14 2021, 13:48

I’m also interested in modding spells for mm6, 7 & 8. If anyone can help please...

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