H4 dll researching

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H4 dll researching

Postby Karmakeld » Sep 19 2018, 10:27

I'm dedicating this tread to the research of creating dll extensions for Heroes 4.

The modding community has come a long way duing the past few years (a lot has been discussed and discovered on the HC forum), and theories about how to add new Creatures, Creature Banks, Hero Portraits etc all appear to be well researched and documented, but we still face the obstacle of no one having the knowledge of how to succesfully create jumps or make dll extensions, in order to add this new content to the game.
But we're never getting any closer if we don't start looking into it.

In addition to actual programming research regarding how to make dll files, I think we should gather up any useful information here, regarding hex codes, how they're called, how images are read etc, to make it easier to add and test new content.

So I hereby invite modders and programmers to join the research and share your knowledge or offer your help.
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