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Postby Morglin » Jul 25 2018, 1:18

You can publish or not publish whatever you want on your website. And I can guess that my mod has no future if no one can find it through Google.

I also understand that you wanted to defend your website with your statements. But the third paragraph of your post and other administrative issues of your website were not necessary here. You can solve them on your website.
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Re: ..........

Postby orzie » Jul 25 2018, 6:43

Something hints me that the conflict above is not about modding and/or moderation issues.

Anyhow, world has changed and there is no practical sense in hoping that your creative will find its way to users without your input. Forums are only the start, but there are much more sources to begin with.

0. Forums. Unfortunately, this list is not full, but that's something to start with.
1. Mirrors. Mod Database, HoMMdb, cloud services. I can help with that.
2. Social media, including YouTube where people could find a HoMM-related video more easily. I can also help with that.

On top of all that, one must understand that not all projects are equally demanded by the community. Sometimes it's easier to join an existing project with a powerful idea which has a perspective to bring joy to many people at once. No, I'm not advertising. It's still harder to go with a bigger project where there are more limitations in terms of design and concept.
But, these are often more demanded because of these design and concept.

I also have my personal vapourware as well as another undemanded project so I know what I am saying. Some things just don't work because we need to sleep, eat and become something in this mortal life, and we cannot stop time either.

I spent good years doing that project, but sometimes we really have to choose.

P.S. Deleting posts is considered rude in some parts of the internet, like the Russian DF2 forum where such users get banned. We have to be responsible for what we write, or we won't be considered serious. It's just not mature and brings disappointment for people who are already interested in the project - in other words, it's like a betrayal of the true fans, the people who were interested in you on the first place and probably even struggled to find your work. I wish there could be more work like the discussed one, but this scenario is an absolutely reverse one, and I am disappointed no less than the users above.

P.P.S. On Mod Database there is a function to mark the mod as "ceased development" so that the users will have a clear understanding and at least won't be hoping in vain.
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