A new HOMM-type game where heroes fight with creature cards

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A new HOMM-type game where heroes fight with creature cards

Postby kluugu » Jan 6 2018, 0:33

Hi folks!

I'm starting this thread to see, if there are any HOMM diehard fans out there, that want/could help me with this project.

First off- I'm a huge fan of HOMM III and V.
I still remember spending entire weekends (days and nights) at my friends place and playing this huge HOMM III map, so we could finish the game in one weekend. At the same time my friend had a wife and a small baby sleeping in the next room beside us. We eventually managed to convert my friends wife to play HOMM III with us as well :D . Ehh, this was the time of true dedication and man, was that fun!

Now that the HOMM franchise has been flushed down the toilet and the HOMM games are "growing backwards" by entering a late puberty, where the game is trying to reinvent the wheel, one can only cry giant tears of Asha and play the ridiculous clones of former glory? NO!

About 1,5 years ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a HOMM-type game myself. I knew I couldn't produce all the hi-def 3D models, animations and effects by myself during this lifetime. But I saw an opportunity in combining a CCG with a HOMM-type world map gameplay. CCGs or Collectible Card Games are quite known nowadays, with Hearthstone totally breaking the mold.
So I set out to start from developing the races and balancing them against each other as much as I could. I also wanted to make sure that the factions play completely differently from each other. i.e Undead Legion often uses the card graveyards to further its agenda, Collegium (Mages) is the only faction that gets insta-spells, that can be played during opponents turn, Heavenly Kingdom focuses of quality equipment and has cards to help find equipment from their deck and so on.
Creatures are divided into "ranged" and "melee", with some of them "flying". Ranged creatures deal no retaliation damage and their attacks do not trigger retaliation attacks from hostile targets. Melee creatures deal retaliation damage to melee attacks and their attacks trigger retaliation attacks from other "melee" creatures (but not from "ranged" creatures). Flyers can fly over other non-flyers to attack enemy heroes directly. I now see that it is entirely possible to duplicate the HOMM battles, or create the next best thing with a tweaked CCG.

About 6 prototypes and a year of designing/balancing later, I have completed about 100 unique card images, printed out a deck of 426 cards and played with my spouse and friends whenever I had a chance. Do note, that I haven't even touched the world-map part of the game. If anyone gets inspiration from this post and/or wants to help, just tell us what you want to work on and we'll hook you up:) Here are some slides showing the cards: https://imgur.com/a/xEUkv

Thanks for reading and a Happy New Year to everybody!
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Re: A new HOMM-type game where heroes fight with creature cards

Postby Karmakeld » Jan 24 2018, 20:58

Looks nice..
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