Forgot how to extract pcx from def at once

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Forgot how to extract pcx from def at once

Postby Artas1984 » Sep 10 2015, 10:16

It's been a long time, and forgot some basic stuff.

I can not remember how can i extract all the pcx pictures from a def file at once? Defview.exe can extract one picture at a time, surely this is not the way i worked before on my Gigamight mod. I used something that did the job with all the pcx files at once...

Salamandre, help me out here.
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Re: Forgot how to extract pcx from def at once

Postby Salamandre » Sep 10 2015, 20:41

I don't know which defview you have but the one I was using the last 5-6 years can extract all frames at once. Edit/extract picture(s). It extracts only one frame when you highlight that frame.

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