Mod Idea for Heroes of Might and Magic V - Unit Spells +HP

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Mod Idea for Heroes of Might and Magic V - Unit Spells +HP

Postby Captain Hero » Jan 27 2015, 0:24

I have a Mod Idea but am currently quite busy and don't even know where and how to start on this mod...

So I am just sharing this idea here, hoping that someone will like it and mod it!

Something that bothered me about Heroes of Might and Magic 5 is that the Hero Attributes Attack and Defense get way more important and stronger than Spell-power and Knowledge over the course of the Game.

For example in the beginning it's kinda imba to have a lot of Sprites split up in tiny groups so they can all cast wasp swarm.
However over the course of the game as your hero gets more and more Attack, the normal attack of the Sprite gets stronger than their spells, at one point.

To kinda counter balance this i would suggest that just like the heroes attack is added to the damage calculation of the sprite, the Spellpower of the hero should be added somehow to the spell damage the sprites do with their wasp swarm spell. In addition the Knowledge should increase the Spell Points of the units somehow...

I wouldn't know exactly on how to do it, where exactly the turning point is, or if it should only be taken into account upwards from spell power 10 or so..
But i really think this could still make the Druids Lightning spell more favorable in some cases in the late game, instead of always shooting, since that would otherwise certainly do more damage (even regardless of long range penalty...)

Yes for balancing reasons you would have to take into account that you do benefit from stronger/longer lasting spells, as well as the ability to cast more spells, but certainly after reaching an inexhaustible mana pool, or spells that outlast any average to long battle, the new benefits should come into effect.

Anyway the unit size should also play an important factor, like spell damage wise, and spell points perhaps.. so an enchantment could last longer or something..

The aim is to make unit spells more viable even in the late game..
However some units could still prefer to shoot even in late game. Perhaps the casting is really a gimmick for some units, that's only helpful in rare scenarios.. The turning point might be totally different for each unit.

Nonetheless it's sad that unit spells just stop to make sense at one point.

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