heroes 4 actors extractor

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heroes 4 actors extractor

Postby johnny56 » Apr 14 2011, 1:46

Hello all

some years ago i used a tool that allowed me extract all files within the .h4r and even allowed me to 'see' the actors sequences on the .h4d and i could choose wich part of the sequence to extractt and such

but i dont remember wich program it was ...., i been googling for past 2 hours, checking several forums (ended up in some turkish ones or so aswell), and stil cant find it, all i find are the 'extractor' wich dont allow me to 'see' the h4d content files

i did a forum search on here, and didnt found it neither

anyone knows/remember wich tool i mean


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Postby k7aesa7r » Dec 28 2014, 0:51

I also need it =( A tool to extract HMm4 sprites

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Postby Karmakeld » Dec 30 2014, 12:00

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