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Re: Baldur's Gate

Unread postby Panda Tar » 13 Oct 2020, 02:55

LordGraa wrote: PS: when you are out of ammo you can always throw a stuff from your inventory on your enemies - even your boots! :D

Thanks for the advice. I was not intending to buy it in early access. I have been really wary of games in that state, or even pre-purchase. After Mass Effect Andromeda fiasco, that's a thing I won't be doing with AAA titles. :disagree:

I didn't play any Baldur's Gate before. So, I won't have anything to compare. hohoho But I think I was missing something like this. Still, as you said, I'll wait a while until the game is playable or officially released (and patched ...). :D I also didn't play Divinity, hohoho, but it was rather intriguing when I watched the gameplay. So, I'll see what the future holds.

And co-op playing, eh? Hm, maybe we'll cross our paths in future then. :-D Few of my friends play PC games, and not the kind that I play. :canthear:
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