Because we play other games too.

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Postby Omega_Destroyer » Jun 21 2007, 7:20

That's an expansion pack for you. I never bought that version for my XBox when I had the chance and now I regret it. Can't find it anywhere and I don't have much faith in my laptop being able to handle it.
And the chickens. Those damn chickens.

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Postby Old_Man » Aug 17 2007, 13:42

Fable, well what can I say about this game.

It is pure awesome.

I have it for the Xbox, and I have the expansion to it, Fable: The Lost Chapters.

I first got, and first played Fable and then beat it in less then 13 hours.

I beat Fable: Lost Chapters in even less time.

The game is awesome, and I really enjoy playing it.

There is so much to do, and it just never gets old.
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