SpaceWars: Interstellar Empires

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SpaceWars: Interstellar Empires

Unread postby vesuvius » 13 Jun 2019, 02:32

Hey Heroes fans, some of you may know me, from ages past when we had the good old days of Homm2/3/4 and the active multiplayer community. (Any of you remember Microsoft Gaming Zone?). Used to run
Anyway, I still love turn based strategy, (on hex boards etc...) and in combination with a passion for science fiction, been working on SpaceWars. Its a tiny team, just me and two programmers, with no publisher or funding whatsoever. A work in progress in for the last 3 years, the game is in beta on steam.
If you join up, just contact me for bonus credits, and you can reach out or discuss on this forum, or directly through the in-game chat.

or directly to the steam page: ... r_Empires/

Currently working on the Hive race, but the races of Sol Imperial Worlds and Genari Star Empire are completely done, with Ma'Alaketh almost complete. There's a deep layer of lore for these races, and even a novel.

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Re: SpaceWars: Interstellar Empires

Unread postby Pol » 13 Jun 2019, 09:28

Connected here! :)
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