Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Postby Avonu » Feb 20 2019, 9:02

New game from Triumph Studios, creators of Age of Wonders games, this time in space. As its publisher is Paradox, you can except lots and lots of DLCs in future (they usually great but nevertheless expensive).

Official site

Story trailer

Factions: Eldars, Humans, Tyranids, Squats, Psionics and more.

Release date: 8th August in 2019
The game will feature:

6 “major” races. Pre-release name: Space Dwarves made it into the game! \o/
Various “technologies” which roughly correspond to classes or spheres of magic of the previous AoW games.
Permanently flying unit mechanics have returned as the game now has a stronger focus on ranged combat, with cover and overwatch mechanics built in.
Larger battlefields than AoW3 with interactive objects that can used for cover and even destroyed under sustained fire.
Leader and hero units with many capable of being upgraded and changed to meet different threats. This keeps low tier units competitive through micro-management.
A similar dwelling system to AoW3 with 4-5 races being featured such as the “undead” in the form of cyborg warriors. They may have a greater impact on the game.
Sector system is a refined and upgraded version of the mystical city upgrades from AoW3.
Sector system lets you snake across the map and effects where your settlements can be built.
Sectors can be broken apart by the enemy further incentivizing economic wars.
Random Map Generator content during the campaign. Main story lines are fixed, however, most of the maps will be randomly generated. This results in secondary storylines which effect later campaign levels!

General information:

In contrast to AoW3, your Race is flavoured by your Class, as each race has its own unique mechanics.
Diplomacy will be more relevant than in AoW3.
Adjacent hex system has returned.
Stack size remains at 6, akin to the AoW3 model.
The overflow of excess production and research points has been confirmed.
The possibility of battlefield concealment abilities, such as cover (Perhaps this means stealth too?).
Strategic maps are based around a single planet. (Perhaps campaigns are system or galaxy wide.)
Existence of magic has neither been confirmed nor denied. If its there, its much lesser of an impact. Though technology should may replace it.
In tactical combat, you can call in orbital bombardments or call in marine reinforcements from space.

Mod tool details:

Strong liklyhood mod tools will be released during the games launch.
We will be able to craft new tactical combat maps, and partially randomize them. For example, you could make a fort and then randomize the locations of the trees and rocks around it, in an area you specify. To a site, you can assign a list of possible tactical combat maps, and a random one will be picked.
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Re: Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Postby Pol » Feb 20 2019, 11:11

Thank You!

I will be watching out for Nagas ;)
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Re: Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Postby LordGraa » Feb 20 2019, 20:57

I know its a cliche but... give HoMaMs rights to those guys and restart the series! :yes:

Back on topic: I do like good old AoW in fantasy world so I will be following this one in the space :-D - Czech Heroes Fansite - H7 community DLC The Shadows over Ashan

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