World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

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World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

Postby Jaspergentry » Nov 5 2017, 12:01

New WoW expansion got announced yesterday, big hype around it. They have also decided to bring back World of Warcraft: Classic in which you would be able to return to the 2004 days and relive vanilla days. The next WoW expansion is set, for the Alliance in Kul'Tiras and for the Horde in Zandalar. However as the sneak preview trailer has suggested both factions seem to control each continent and thus consequentially we will be returning to the former old continents (Which is great!).

I am really hyped about this and i hope for anyone new wishing to try WoW out, to give it a try.

Links: - Cinematic trailer - informative trailer.

In previous year Blizzard love stretching out announcements and features, and so more features should be slowly released in time.
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