The Lost Kingdmos : A mobileRPG (android)

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The Lost Kingdmos : A mobileRPG (android)

Postby Lord13 » May 26 2016, 8:22

I'd like to present you my fist attempt to create a game :)

The Lost Kingdoms : A mobileRPG (yes I wanted the title to make clear is a game designed for android phones) is a simple rpg designed for android phones with retro/pixeled graphics and aesthetics (used the public domain roguelike tileset "RLTiles" mostly, you can find more info inside the "Game Info" menu option). At the game we play as a nameless hero that wakes up inside a prison with no memory. Player must escape, seek out his lost memory and find out who and why imprisoned him. The game takes place at The Lost Kingdoms (a very small part of it though), a high fantasy world which was born many years ago in my head at a custom pen and paper (DnD) campaign I played with friends.

At the game we explore the world with a simple tile-based movement system and when we engage an enemy we proceed to a time-phased (real time) combat game that tries to combine strategy and reflexes at the same time. The player can increase his strengths by gathering Learning Points (through quests and killing enemies) and invest them at 12 different Skills (passive-physical-magic) and of course by equip useful items and consumables. The story is divided at 4 chapters and the progress can be seen at player's Journal Entries.

The game is pretty short (around 6-8 hours) and is totally free with no advertisement or any other requirements. You can check it out at Google Play or for more info and screenshots.
Links: ... ntasy.TLK1

Although is my first attempt to create a game and I know it has some design flaws I want to believe is a fun short game for RPG lovers and their mobile devices. I'd love to hear opinions about it! ;)

Thanks for your time!
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