The Witcher series

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Re: The Witcher series

Postby Kalah » Jul 17 2017, 2:11

Finished Witcher 1; have I mentioned how much I like the conclusion to the final boss fight? There he is, the big villain, about to get slain and as he knocks away my steel sword I simply draw the silver one to finish him off, and he says: "That sword is for monsters!" Yeah, exactly. :-D

Depending upon which quests you completed, there's even an added bonus to the moral: my silver sword is the Aerondight, given to me by the Lady of the Lake as she made me one of her righteous knights - and that's the sword I used to kill the bad guy. Very apt. :)
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Re: The Witcher series

Postby Banedon » Jul 22 2017, 7:35

Lol Kalah playing the series in the wrong order.

I just finished Witcher 1 again as well. When I first played through it all those years ago I had thought it was a great game, but now I don't feel so anymore. There're just a lot of weaknesses: inventory management is annoying as hell, lack of equipment progression, and plot holes (especially the "random" Chapter 4). The choices are not that hard either. Still good, but not great.

I wound up using a save editor to make potions + give some extra levels (I'd already ground 1+ levels in chapter 1 and got bored). I might play through again, on the last path.
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