Chronicles of Might and Magic

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Chronicles of Might and Magic

Postby Xdarkon » Oct 28 2013, 12:32

So a few weeks ago I found myself searching for the Erathian Banner.
And I found something quite interesting on a random Forum.
Introducing: Chronicles of Might and Magic (Heroes 3 - Mount & Blade mod)
(Note, this is a copy of the original forum )

Chronicles of Might and Magic

From the book of Cuthbert, Erathian cleric and royal scribe:

The year 1165 after the Silence, king Nicolas Gryphonheart dies. Kingdom of Erathia is driven into chaos and anarchy. Hostile bordering nations take advantage from disorder. From south-west wild beasts and barbarian tribes of Krewlod rise in power. From west kingdom of Tatalia, inhabited by monstrous creatures from wild swamps and lizardmen. Our northern borders are under constant attacks from Deyja, kingdom of evil necromancers and their undead minions. We can count on our only allies, elvish kingdom of Avlee. Our alliance is fragile but it is our only hope.
Kingdom without its leader is weak, and because of that whole Erathia, from poorest pheasant, to most noble of knight are pointing theirs eyes onto Erenoth. Where from rightful heir of throne is going to arrive. Her name is Catherine Ironfist.
Despite of crisis, sun is still rising upon our realm and everything seems to be normal, although you can sense dread and disquiet in the air.
Year 1165 will be year of sing of thunderstorm and unrest...

We want to introduce you mod to Mount and Blade Warband game. Action is set in realms known to you from Might and Magic series. We are going to provide you opportunity to become hero, join one of five factions and decide about fate of whole continent. You will take part in epic battles with creatures you know from Heroes games.

Here is short movie introducing you in ourproject

Mod will allow you to:

-Explore Antagariach, continent where action of HoMM3 take place.

-Hire creatures known from series and meet and interact with heroes like Gelu, Sandro or Cragg Hack.

-Collect unique artifacts known from 3DO games.

-Study secrets of magic and cast spells. You will be able to be mage, sorcerer, necromancer, lich, shaman or witch.

-Join one of 5 factions - Erathia, Avlee, Deyja, Krewlod or Tatalia

-Take part in astonishing main plot and side campaigns for every faction.

-Have great time playing it.

CoMM Team :

Mr.Bio - 3D Graphics, Textures, Rigging
Devil_Imp - Plot, Dialogs, Music, Public Relations
Mat_Berserker - Scripts, 3D Graphics, Animations
Filcefix - Level Design and Concept Arts

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Postby Talin_Trollbane » Nov 17 2013, 21:16

...links to homepage etc?
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Postby Avonu » Nov 19 2013, 19:43

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