Finding similar games

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Finding similar games

Postby obelisk v2.0 » Mar 31 2011, 19:41

Hello, all :)
Recently me and a few fellow students at University of Latvia developed Gamedipper - a system for finding games similar to a game you know by searching for similar words in reviews about games. I was asked to inform gamers outside of our university about this, since we're participating in an international web application contest with this.
Feel like testing it and, possibly, some feedback?

Thanks :)

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Postby Pol » Mar 31 2011, 19:51

Tried NetHack, Deadly Tide and POD. And was guided nicely. ;)
(That's just five sec observation. :P )
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Postby Avonu » Mar 31 2011, 23:10


Title: Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Result: Did not find similar games!

Well, it's true, no similar game was ever created :D but TIE Fighter CE show some results.

Also, some games has different names across the globe, like UFO: Enemy Unknow/X-COM: UFO Defense or Star Wars Rebellion/Supermacy, so game datebase need update.

Sometimes results weren't accurate because based only by game genre: Warlords II -> Diablo (first is TBS and second is H&S - not really similar).

But overall results are fine.

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