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Unread postby Tress » 12 Feb 2011, 22:26

As Dungeon Keeper fan I certainly couldn't not notice this game. It visually and its basic premise is the same, however on the first contact with actual game(demo),gameplay differs so much and unlike DK it uses really awkward game mechanic(like your "Dark lord" needs heroes to ravage your dungeon to get rewards unlike dk version where heroes were supposed to be nuisance and actual enemy).
So I sort of got question if anyone here have tried full game , and does it get better/different as it goes forward. AS DK/evil genius fan I certainly would like to try it more, but initially it really repelled me.

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Unread postby Avonu » 13 Feb 2011, 18:49

I played demo too. This is NOT Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius kind of game. More like Sim Dungeon.
It is not worth a try - if you played DK, avoid this game.

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Unread postby Grumpy Old Wizard » 16 Feb 2011, 04:02

I like Dungeons. :) It has a campaign and sandbox maps. I am in the middle of the campaign.

Yes, Dungeons is NOT Dungeon Keeper. Dungeons focuses on the dungeon lord rather than on the dungeon lord's creatures.

You role play the dungeon lord. You gain points to increase your attributes, skills, or spells. Each skill/spell has different levels (most are 5.) I am building my dungeon lord as a mage. There are three different skill trees and you can invest in all three if you wish (as you have the points) so there are a number of different ways to build your dungeon lord.

As the dungeon lord your goal is to reap the souls of "heroes" who enter your dungeon. The happier the person is that you capture the more soul points they have. When you capture them you throw them in cells and that is where their souls are reaped.

You summon monsters with pentagram that you place. Different monsters have different areas of influence and different strengths and weaknesses. You can only build in your own area of influence. It is possible to convert an enemy dungeon lord's pentagram to your own if you stand on it and cast a conversion spell (which takes a little while to do and fails if you are interrupted.) Most monsters stay fairly close to their pentagram, which is a good thing since you can depend on them to defend certain areas.

The different classes of heroes like different things. Fighting monsters, gold, armor and weapons, books, ect. So you build armories and libraries and treasure rooms and place them in strategic locations based on he entrances to your dungeons. And of course your torture chambers. :) There are other items called "prestige" gimmicks" that you build as well. Heroes like to look at them and the higher your prestige is the more powerful you become.

If heroes are not getting their finding what they want they will become enraged and storm your dungeon heart. If that is destroyed you lose.

The three resources you balance are gold, soul energy, and prestige.

Oh, today they released a beta version of a map editor due to popular demand.
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