Building Prices and Requirements

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Building Prices and Requirements

Postby TheUnknown » May 18 2016, 21:16

What do you think about building prices and requirements in Equilibris and Homm 4?

I am making map where I have disabled buildings like Caravan and now I have a problem with other buildings like the Nomad Tents.
I also want to control the potions that players can get but then there is a problem with buildings like the Behemoth Crag.

What I plan is to make construction of town building based on Equilibris prices and requirements and :yes: (yes) / :no: (no) questions (as far as I know there is no way to check if a building has been built, so I have to do it like this :( ).

My :wall: (dilemma) is should I change the requirements or the prices while I am at it?

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