Basic magic skills and random spell learning

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Basic magic skills and random spell learning

Postby TheUnknown » Mar 3 2014, 18:28

I am making a custom map and I have banned some spells. The problem is when heroes learn basic magic skill (for example basic nature magic), they learn random level 1 spell from that school (in the case summon leprechaun). Even though the spell is banned, some heroes have a way to obtain it. So this means some level 1 spells cannot be banned effectively, at least not for all heroes.

What do you think about:
1. letting the banning system handle the spells heroes can get
2. not giving a single spell to heroes when they gain basic level of the magic skill (they can learn spell only from town and map objects)
3. giving a single spell to heroes that gain basic magic skill like now but make that spell fixed, not random (for "example" heroes that learn death magic will always gain curse, life will gain spiritual armor, nature will gain speed, chaos will gain magic arrow, order will gain precision)

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Equilibris Team
Equilibris Team
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Postby Dalai » Mar 6 2014, 19:06

Good insight. I'll have to ask our programmer what we can do about it.
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Postby Karmakeld » Mar 13 2014, 23:42

I for one am a bit opposed to suggestion #3, as you can just pre-set the prefered spell yourself if you'd like a certain one, henec no need to program it to be pre-set.
But I see a good point in #1.
#2 I guess could be debateable. But again, players who prefer this spell-bonus can just script it.
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