Making barbarians more interesting

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Its good and completely balanced (i know, this option is not needed)
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The idea is not bad but it needs changes and I will post them below
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For me there are good ones and bad ones. And I will post them to let other know
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Making barbarians more interesting

Postby Sodhoog » Oct 25 2012, 3:49

I am sure that many think barbarians are not as interesting as other and need changes.

1. More balanced creatures (so obvious dude :| )
2. Better hero classes (yes... but wait, take a look at 3 first)
3. New Primary Skill (and secondary ones of course)

Yes, I know this is a huge change and it will have a monstrous effect on campaign scenarios but if this is what it takes to make barbarians more interesting why not? B-)

Battle-Hardened - Primary Skill
Basic: 10 bonus hit points, 7 ranged and melee defense
Advanced: 20 bonus hit points, 14 ranged and melee defense
Expert: 40 bonus hit points, 23 ranged and melee defense
Master: 70 bonus hit points, 35 ranged and melee defense
Grandmaster: 120 bonus hit points, 50 ranged and melee defense

Weaponry - Secondary Skill
Basic: 7 Melee Attack, First strike ability
Advanced: 12 Melee Attack, ranged damage equal to 75% of melee
Expert: 20 Melee Attack, Additional Magic Damage per attack (7 + 2 per level)
Master: 30 Melee Attack, Defense of enemy creatures divided by 4.
Grandmaster: 45 Melee Attack, Precision, Additional Magic Damage per attack (+7 per level)

Counter Magic - Secondary Skill
Basic: 15% Spell Resistance, Mana Leech (4 + 2 per level)
Advanced: 20% Spell Resistance, *2 damage against summons and illusions
Expert: 30% Spell Resistance, Mana Burn (does additional damage equal to 10 + 2 per level + 5% of maximum mana and burns the mana)
Master: 50% Spell Resistance, -2 moral and luck for spell casters (-1 for heroes)
Grandmaster: 70% Spell Resistance, 75% chance melee attack Steals Enchantment (25% for ranged)

Fury - Secondary Skill
Basic: 1.5* fiercer counter, +1 Attack per turn (max 5)
Advanced: gain Charge ability, Immune to mind spells and blind +2 Attack per turn (max 8)
Expert: take only 10% damage form fire shield, immune to Stone Gaze, Freezing Attack and Devouring, +3 Attack per turn (max 12)
Master: + 3 speed and movement, + 2 ranged and melee defense each time attacked (max 9)
Grandmaster: Unlimited Retaliation ,Terrain Walk

Q: Duh, this is just combat with little changes
A: Yes... but its more interesting? 8|

Q: This is not balanced at all
A: Yes. nothing is balanced at first and also that's why you are here. Help me balance it.

Q: Some power ups for creatures could have been nice...
A: I was thinking of the same thing

Q: I don't like skill names
A: This is just an idea. Why bother

Q: Yo Dude, Why do you keep calling dem barbarians? It should be Might or Stronghold.
A: :disagree:

Q: How will this go with combat? wouldn't it completely overpowered?
A: Let me explain. Lets say a hero has both combat and battle-hardened. Then the ranged and melee defense of the one that is higher will in full effect while hero will only gain half of the melee and ranged defense of the one that is lower
Eg: Grandmaster Combat and Battle-Hardened, 60 and 50. since 50 is lower only half of it will work. So 60 + 25 = 85
If hero has both Magic Resistance and Counter Magic the resistance of higher one will only be in effect.

Q: Combat (magic resistance) is likely to get future changes
A : ;|

Q: This isn't Q&A. This is "I think you will say this" and your reply for it.
A: Ahh, you figured it out. :hoo:

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Postby TheUnknown » Jan 15 2013, 9:45

Aghhh I miss people posting ideas in this place -.- I haven't been for a long while here ...

I don't believe that new skills can be added in the mod, but for the sake of argument ...

First thing, I think that Nature might heroes and Might barbarians should have different combat skills because they are from different factions. Maybe this idea too should be done for Tactics ...

In my opinion Nature should keep Archery and Might should keep Combat, Melee and Magic Resistance ... it just fits them more in my view.

I do agree with most of the skills if I look at them individually except for the bonuses to attack, hit points and other base stats.

Archers can get "Weaponry - Secondary Skill" that will give them precision, negate first strike and other spells or abilities per level up of skill but with no additional ranged and melee attacks.

Archers can get "Counter Magic - Secondary Skill" that will give abilities or spells like the imps mana leech and later steal enchantment per hit, I wouldn't give extra resistance because that would be too much per one skill.

Archers can get "Battle-Hardened - Primary Skill" that will give them ice immunity like water elementals, stoneskin, unlimited retaliations ... but again not any hit points because they are hard to balance and hard to get too ...

Barbarians can get "Fury - Secondary Skill" that gives them charge, bonus movement, fire immunity so that they wont die to the efreets defense with ease, terrain walk ... with no extra attack points.

The thing I mostly like out of this idea is that Might town will have another might hero option to buy ... AND .... Magical towns wont get access to heavy physical heroes that can resist all spells. Now those heroes will be unique to the Might faction. The magical towns can only get skills that contain stuff like mana leech, ice resistance, stoneskin, unlimited retaliation (weak melee unless you develop combat tree).

What factions will be changed? Everyone can chose the skill but the starting skills are important for an easier start so in starting the game, Death and Order wont be changed. On the other hand Might faction can buy heroes that are good in Melee OR Ranged, Archers will be more viable to Might and maybe even worth the morale penalty. Life, Chaos and Nature will not have access to full Magic resistance to counter 50% or more of the spells from Chaos and Death magic schools, but they will continue to have their archery and new abilities to combine with their other spells and creatures. They wont have heavy physical and magical defense but will be more useful in combat too by providing more manipulation tools as they are Magical towns, not true barbarians that have lived their entire lives with no magic.

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Postby HodgePodge » Jan 21 2013, 19:34

I too, have been watching the Equilibris Forum for many years now, waiting for the next version to be completed and released. ;| I have become very pessimistic from waiting so long. :S

So I just accept the fact that Equilibris has seen its final release and am content to be able to still play Heroes 4 using this fantastic mod. :-D
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